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Not Every Toilet is Made the Same

“Some people say a toilet is a toilet is a toilet. But that’s not true...not every toilet is made the same,” says Bill Sieh owner of United Plumbing. Gerber offers many products that are easy to install and worry-free. See why Gerber has a reputation for high performance and durability.

Gerber Heritage

Heritage Photo

  • Max Gerber founds Gerber Plumbing Fixtures Corporation, manufacturing vitreous china products in Kokomo, Indiana.
  • During WWII, demand for plumbing fixtures declines, and Gerber briefly manufactures “IIa Ware” and “Nancy China.”
  • Traveling constantly, Max builds his company on a foundation of strong customer relationships sealed with a handshake.
  • Max Gerber extends generous credit to customers whose businesses are struggling due to the war effort.
Heritage Photo

  • Capacity expands again through the acquisition of AAA Plumbing Pottery of Attalla, Alabama.
  • Gerber gets new colors and patterns, and ornate decorator faucets and fixtures for the 60’s and 70’s.
  • Gerber products are specified for Chicago’s Executive House, reflecting the company’s growing reputation in the commercial market.
Heritage Photo

  • In 1983, Harriet Gerber Lewis becomes the first woman to be named president of a major plumbing manufacturer.
  • Ultra Flush® toilets are specified for the Luxor, MGM Grand, Bellagio and other hotels, as Gerber becomes a major presence in Las Vegas.
  • In a rapidly changing marketplace, Gerber remains firm in its commitment to sell exclusively through plumbing professionals.
  • Gerber Plumbing Fixtures Corp. acquired by Globe Union Group, Inc.
Heritage Photo

  • Gerber Avalanche toilets rated “Best Buy” in 2009 from a leading consumer magazine for offering the best combination of performance and price.
  • In January, 2012 Gerber introduced the Viper Compact Elongated 1.28 gpf toilet that comes with a space saving design and is ADA compliant.
  • The HomeBuilder Executive honored Gerber with the 2012 Gold Innovation Award for on-trend suite designs.
  • The Gerber Avalanche toilet was recognized as the 2015 Top Pick by a leading consumer magazine.

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